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Marzapane is the manifestation of tradition, memory, and ingredients sourced from small producers that are transformed while respecting their natural graces through an alchemy of sophisticated skill and technique.

Guided by a passion for food and wine, I created a place to live in the moment.



Guglielmo Chiarapini and Francesco Capuzzo Dolcetta were born in Rome and Florence respectively; in 1991, and 1992 the other. After high school they met while attending Alma, the cooking school of Gualtiero Marchesi.

The internships led them to work in prestigious kitchens at the start of their careers, but their consecration as “dual chefs” takes place in the kitchen at the “aux anges” restaurant in Roanne, France, by chef Marco Viganò, whose genius influenced and inspired them. They spent nearly 3 years with him. A time remembered as very intense, and in a French town that by chance also hosts one of the world’s most important and prestigious restaurants: The Maison Troisgros, which for Francesco would become the next step in his career. In fact, it is here that the two split ways, with the promise to return to work together one day. Francesco, therefore, remained in France at the court of the Grande Casa, and Guglielmo joined an Italian institution, at the restaurant da Caino in Montemerano by chef Valeria Piccini.

After nearly 5 years in France, Francesco returned to Italy and joined Marzapane in Rome. It was the beginning of a revolution inside the restaurant and they chose him, Francesco, to continue this path.

After a little over a year, Guglielmo joined him, and from that moment, thanks to the bond built up over time, they began to express themselves, creating new dishes using experience, inspiration and techniques they learned over the years, armed with the enthusiasm that has always distinguished them. The new kitchen at Marzapane is marked by their young and unpredictable approach, full of tradition and innovation and a lots of heart.



The menu of Marzapane marks each season with concrete and dynamic plates with roots in ancient recipes, regenerated in an elegant and essential way. Our approach is natural and exhibits a precise identity with a direct focus on our relationship with food, a spontaneous relationship, sometimes even visceral and instinctual, within the context of a contemporary, simple and timeless restaurant.

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Marzapane Merchandise

We are excited to share a new project that’s close to us: Marzapane merchandise is now available! T-shirts, tote bags, and embroidered hats, produced in Rome.