Chef Table Menu

A menu created at the moment entirely by the chef’s discretion, offering the most complete experience to discover our kitchen and philosophy


Marzipan Menu

A tasting menu with 5 courses guided by our chef for the entire table


For the table more than five person it’s request to do the tasting menù

Menu Lunch

(Monday, Thursday, Friday)

3 courses tasting menu guided by the kitchen team



Falafel, beetroot, turnip and white sesame     15

Messinesi Bombette on fire, radishes and white asparagus    16

Steamed red mullet and white asparagus     17


Tagliatelle with lamb ragù  and bottarga  18

Risoni, celery stock, turnip top and marinated celeriac  17

Nerano’s style spaghetti 18

Saffron risotto with smoked kidney fat 18


Amberjack on fire, peppers and clementines   24

Black pork, fried artichockes and bayleaf mayo  24

Omelette soufflè with Taleggio cheese  20


   Migliaccio cake, lemongrass and cornflower    10

   Barozzi’s style cake     10

  Zabaione, wild strawberries, peas and almond    10